On a Gluten-Free Diet? 8 Money Saving Tips!

While a gluten-free diet has many health benefits, and is crucial for those with celiac disease, gluten-free products tend to be expensive. How does a savvy shopper navigate? Below are 8 money-saving tips to minimize the financial burden.

1. Keep it simple

Choose naturally gluten-free foods, such as fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, legumes, potatoes, eggs, dairy and meat. Stocking up on these items first will lead to a significantly slimmer bill than if you load your grocery cart with specialty GF products.

2. Break out the apron

Pre-made GF baked goods can be expensive. Cut costs by baking your own treats– besides, everything tastes better fresh out of the oven!

3. Choose flour wisely

Some gluten-free flours, like coconut and almond, are pretty pricey. Rice, oat, and lentil flours are much more budget-friendly. Pre-mixed flour blends also can be expensive, so instead blend your own!

4. The freezer is your friend

Get the most bang for your buck by cooking large quantities and freezing leftovers to enjoy later. This works for snacks, baked goods, and even entire meals! At the store, scan the frozen aisle for deals. Frozen fruits & veggies can be cheaper and last longer than fresh produce.

5. One for the money

An often-overlooked cooking strategy is whipping up one-pot meals. Cooking some hearty chili or stew can feed your family throughout the week, which is more time and cost-effective than cooking a new meal with multiple components each night.

6. Branch out

Try stopping at a local ethnic market to find new, exciting products for a reasonable price. Indian grocers tend to be especially celiac-friendly, as they often carry a variety of inexpensive gluten-free flours.

7. Find a recipe to fit your ingredients

 Don’t rush to the grocery store if you’re running low on a few ingredients. Check out Supercook to see what you can whip up with what’s on hand! There’s even a gluten-free setting (click the wheel on the top right), which takes out the guesswork for you.

8. Go coupon crazy

We’ve compiled a list of current GF product coupons here. Additional resources include Printable Coupons and DealsSurviving the Stores, and Stockpiling Moms, which all have sections for gluten-free coupons.

Happy savings!!!

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