What’s Dinner With NOBREAD?

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love the gluten-free community any more… last week happened. And now we do. Our fabulous intern, Lizzie, joined NOBREAD and other industry influencers for a delicious dinner at Beatrix. Read about her experience below. 

Last week was a HUGE week because I was lucky enough to enjoy an incredible dinner in Chicago hosted by NOBREAD, one of FMGF’s favorite gluten-free bloggers, and the Nima sensor. While the food was incredible, the best part of the meal was spending time with other gluten free and wellness industry influencers: gfreechicago, No Crumbs Left, Gluten-Free Pearls, Lake Shore Lady, A Dash of Megnut, Nutrition Happens, Hungry By Nature, and Erin’s Inside Job!


IMG_3341As soon as we arrived at Beatrix Fulton Market, a massive table—and marathon menu—was ready for us. We started with the “Straight ‘A’ Salad,” which was as clever as it was delicious. All ingredients start with the letter “a:” arugula, apple, avocado, and almonds. How fun! After some debate as to whether our second appetizer was celiac-safe or not (final verdict: a-okay), we dug into some dairy free potato salad deviled eggs. The egg filling tasted just like traditional potato salad!

Another round of family-style plates arrived, and it was time for the main course. The salmon really stood out, with a chocolate chili glaze. The best part… wait for it… was that the perfectly-cooked, flaky fish came with homemade corn tortillas and salsa. Everyone knows that taco time is the best time! Beatrix impressively accommodated a variety of diets, offering a vegan entrée for the group as well. The vegans at the table raved about the braised kale.

IMG_3350Juuuust when everyone thought they were about to burst, dessert was served! Bad news for our full stomachs, but fantastic news for our taste buds. The “Tall, Dark & Handsome” flourless chocolate cake certainly lived up to its name. Rich and creamy, one piece definitely could’ve fed three sensible people. I am not a sensible person, however, and polished off my slice like it was nobody’s business. The real star of the show for our dairy free friends, on the other hand, was the chia pudding. Soaked for over 24 hours in-house, the pudding had a rich, coconutty flavor that was complimented by the tangy mango topping! It was truly the best chia pudding any of us had ever gotten our hands on.



As we got up to leave after more than two hours of non-stop food and fun, I couldn’t help but feel pleasantly surprised. Not shockingly, the food at Beatrix was out of this world. What made a bigger impression on me, however, was the genuine support and enthusiasm of the other women at the meal. We all had a blast sharing stories, recommendations, and encouragement. The gluten free community never fails to amaze me and makes me thankful to be a part of it. Who knew a celiac diagnosis could be such a blessing? Without it, I definitely wouldn’t know what tall, dark, and handsome tastes like…


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