New, Gluten-Free Products Hit Walmart Shelves

Did you know that Walmart has an incredible selection of gluten-free products under its Great Value label? From everyday pantry staples to fresh produce and meat, the gluten-free shopper can find almost everything they need at their local Walmart store. Scroll down to see what we mean! Plus, Great Value products ring true to their brand name, as the price point can’t be beat.

Take a look at some of the current Gluten Free Great Value products you can purchase online at or in many of their stores. Each store carries different products, so check ahead to make sure they have what you are looking for before you go shopping.

Baking Products & Sweet Treats
Pasta, Soups & Dinner Options

Get excited… there are even more gluten-free products to look forward to this month! September 9th, 2020 is the launch day for new gluten-free bread, hamburger buns, flour tortillas, and brownies, all under Walmart’s Great Value brand label.

“Gluten-free flour tortillas are almost impossible to find, but knowing that they will be at an affordable price is almost too good to be true,” says Jen Cafferty, CEO of The Nourished Group and Find Me Gluten Free.

Taking into consideration the great product variety, delicious taste & pricing that won’t break the bank, Walmart is a fantastic place to shop for your gluten-free items.

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