Best New Gluten-Free Lunchbox Finds

Gluten-free lunches don’t have to be sad! New gluten-free products are launching every day, and many are available in single-serve snack packs that are perfect for lunches. We’ve found some of the best new snacks and lunch boxes that will make any kid smile. 

Skipping breakfast can lead to long days and low energy. Pack an Enjoy Life Foods Breakfast Oval made with purity protocol oats and whole grains for your breakfast or snack time! Find them in several flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip Banana, Maple Fig, and Berry Medley. 

Soozy’s Grain-Free just launched single-serve donuts! They’re not yet available for purchase online, but are in stores on the East Coast. If you’re packing your own lunch, or want a better-for-you sweet, check out these grain-free yummies! Find them in Double Chocolate, Maple, and Cinnamon.

Freedom Foods’ newest launch Messy Monkeys are baked snacks that are free from gluten and peanuts, and made with sorghum and quinoa. You can buy a big bag full of 10 single-serve bags for school lunches!

Worried about lunchbox waste? So are we! Single-use plastics are a huge issue facing the environment and we want our lunches to help save the planet! Even those parents not focused on eco-friendly finds can enjoy these reusable lunch products.

The new PackIt Mod Lunch Bento allows you to organize your own bento box, in proportions you need. The new PackIt freezable lunch boxes are available in multiple sizes and a huge variety of patterns, like mermaid and unicorns – the most on-trend characters for kids. 

There are a ton of options for in your lunchbox (or bag) too! UKonserve makes a reusable bamboo utensil that combines a fork and a spoon for any lunch needs. Bee’s Wrap is a plastic wrap free solution to wrapping sandwiches that uses organic cotton, tree resin and beeswax!  LunchSkins is a reusable, washable durable quick-drying fabric bag and food-safe liner, sealable with velcro. Stasher bags are a must for lunch boxes! These silicone bags are a non-toxic and reusable alternative to plastic lunch baggies. They’re easy to wash (even in the dishwasher) and reuse daily! They come in 1/2 gallon, pocket, sandwich, snack and stand-up sizes.

Make sure to use Mabel’s Labels to print personalized gluten-free labels to keep your lunchbox and its contents safe and gluten-free.

There are so many new ways to reinvent your lunchbox this year. Have a great back-to-school season!

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  1. Paula Berry says:

    These are very good ideas. Now we need food companies who think above those with IBD and IBS. Many who have these conditions face stricter dietary restrictions than those with celiac disease.


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