The Not-So-Secret Equation for a Gluten Free Lunch Box

As the summer draws to a close, feelings of apprehension sneak up on parents everywhere. Getting kids out the door for a long day at school is no easy feat, and sending a balanced, yummy lunch along with them only makes it trickier.

Since cafeteria options are sometimes lackluster for celiac children, gluten-free lunchbox tips are in high demand. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! We’ve come up with a foolproof formula for a nutritious gluten-free school lunch. It even allows for some serious customizability, which is perfect for parents with pickier eaters.

The magic formula is….. drumroll please…..

Protein + fat + grains + veggies

If you start with a source of protein, a source of fat, grains, and one serving of veggies; you can be sure your little one is properly fueled to make it to the last bell.

Kids can be picky, so don’t be shy throwing in special extras, like fruits or additional grains, so they can mix and match. Here are some sample lunches following the model:

  1. Grilled chicken strips, gluten free pretzels, raw broccoli & ranch.
  2. Ham & cheese sandwich on gluten free bread, cherry tomatoes.
  3. Gluten free macaroni & cheese in a thermos, carrots & hummus.
  4. Turkey & cheese roll ups, tortilla chips, sliced bell peppers.
  5. Leftovers! Whether it’s tacos, pulled pork, or spaghetti; don’t be shy to incorporate one night’s dinner into the next day’s lunch, adding sides as necessary. Here’s our 5 Day Dinner to Lunch Blueprint

Try supplementing these base meals with fruit (apples, bananas, and grapes are the easiest to pack and eat) and other fun additions, such as gluten-free granola bars, potato chips, or fruit snacks. Here’s our Top 15 GF Back-to-School Snacks.

Don’t forget to double check the labels of everything you pack for your gluten free child, and good luck!!!


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  1. Tj says:

    Very insensitive to have a bread comercial in a gluten free web page!


    1. Laura Gruninger says:

      Hi TJ! Unfortunately, we have no control over the advertisements WordPress includes on our blog posts. We wish we did! 😦


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