Get Fit This Spring… Without Even Realizing It

Come spring, people tend to find themselves in one of two fitness situations:

  1. Stuck in the rut of their usual gym routine, or
  2. Feeling guilty about their lack of dedication to the gym

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to both of these problems: getting outside! There are so many ways to get and stay fit while spending time in the fresh air. Even better are the many ways to fit in solid exercise outside without even feeling like you’re “working out.”

Here are some of our favorite ways to spend time in the great outdoors while sneakily whipping ourselves into shape:


This is probably the simplest way to get a workout outside. No equipment needed – just grab a buddy (or venture out alone to clear your mind if you can find a safe, public trail). There are so many variations of trail lengths and intensities that you’re sure to find something that fits your skill set. As a starting point, get online and look up state and national parks near you!


Biking has the advantage of being able to move fast, which means you can see more of your surroundings. Pick a longer route for maximum exercise, and you may be surprised how long you can go! Biking only requires a bike, helmet, and some beautiful weather.


If you have a pool, lake, or ocean near you, take advantage of the benefits water exercise can bring. Water provides resistance, so even just frolicking and wading for 30 minutes can burn off winter calories. If you go for a dip, just make sure to apply sunscreen because water will attract the sun’s rays.


Public tennis courts are readily available in many urban and suburban areas. Tennis is a great way to socialize and relieve stress while toning your arms and getting in some cardio. If you have the proper equipment, grab a friend and hit the courts for a few hours any time of day.


Outdoor yoga has become more and more popular in the past few years. Check your community website to see where and when classes will be held in local parks. These classes are great ways to not only focus on strength and flexibility, but also meet people who may live in your neighborhood!

Now get out there, get fit, and enjoy all the benefits of being outside!


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