Sip Smart This Year!

Happy New Year! To evade OD-ing on diet and exercise by mid-February, try adopting simple healthy lifestyle changes for 2019 that are sustainable all year long.

One easy step on the journey to a healthier you is monitoring and improving drinking habits – whether it be water, coffee, or cocktails. Even if you maintain the same eating and exercise habits, changing what (and how) you drink can still contribute to your well-being. Read below for our top tips to sip smart!

1. Drink Water

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. You’ve heard this instruction since age 5. Drinking enough water does, in fact, have a huge effect on your energy levels, immune system, and complexion. Eight glasses every day people!

2. Whip Up a DIY Detox Drink

Water infused with certain ingredients, such as lemon and ginger, can do wonders for your immune system. These concoctions are easy to make, easy on the wallet, and easy to sip throughout the day to fight inflammation and bloating! Check out our favorite morning detox recipe here.

3. Hop on the Kombucha Train

This drink is a true anomaly. While it contains both live bacteria AND alcohol, it will not make you violently ill OR feel any hint of a buzz. Kombucha is fermented tea with a probiotic kick that promotes a healthy gut and liver while preventing disease via antioxidants! Do some research to decide which brand is right for you – kombucha can vary greatly in amount of live cultures, sugar, and caffeine per bottle. Brew Dr. Kombucha is a personal favorite, with billions of live cultures per bottle, relatively low sugar, and a variety of flavors.

4. Meet Matcha

Say hello to one of the hottest health trends that just might be here to stay. Because matcha is a powder made from entire green tea leaves, it boasts an impressive amount of antioxidants and healing properties. When prepared as a warm tea drink, it provides a steady energy boost (as much caffeine as coffee) without the jitters or crash that tend to follow. Harney & Sons offers a high-quality, smooth powder.

5. Give Bulletproof Coffee a Go

If you are a coffee drinker and looking for a little extra ‘oomph,’ try bulletproof coffee. The trend requires putting a source of healthy saturated fat, such as grass-fed butter or coconut oil, in black coffee. Proponents claim major improvements in energy levels, satiety, and concentration. Plus it tastes good! Read more about it here.

6. Be Coffee-Conscious

Maybe you’re not feeling adventurous enough to try bulletproof coffee quite yet, but there are other easy ways to make smarter coffee choices. It’s not the holidays anymore, so unfortunately you no longer have an excuse to sip on peppermint mochas and caramel lattes. Try swapping heavy, sugary drinks (frappes, mochas, and flavored lattes are the most common culprits) for simpler choices. Start your days with unflavored cappuccinos or, even better, black coffee.

7. Booze Responsibly

Sweet alcoholic drinks not only cause the worst hangovers, but they also add the most unnecessary sugar and calories to your daily intake. After a season FULL of spiked eggnog and hot cocoa (we see you), take a break from the rich, heavy drinks. If you choose to indulge in an adult beverage, opt for a vodka soda with lime, a gin and tonic, or a glass of dry red wine. It’s easier to keep track of gluten free ingredients in a simple drink anyways!

We wish you the happiest, healthiest 2019 filled with water, kombucha, and bulletproof coffee… cheers!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Enyeart says:

    Careful on the Vodka – most brands are made from wheat these days. If you are VERY gluten-sensitive like me, try a potato based one like Spud. Be aware though, only the unflavored one is GF!


    1. Laura Gruninger says:

      Great tip, Diane!


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