Gluten-Free Gifting Made Easy

Shopping for the perfect gift can be tricky if your loved one is gluten free. Don’t stress! We’ve put together 12 gift options to make life a little easier. Spend less time brainstorming and more time doing the things you enjoy…like cozying up to the fire with a plate full of gluten-free cookies!

1. Gluten-free baking mixes

Nothing says the holidays like baked goods! Scan the baking aisle of your local grocery store and you’ll likely find GF options. King Arthur FlourBreads From Anna,  Whole Note BakerySimple MillsEnjoy Life and Pamela’s carry delicious mixes. Get crafty and put together your own gift basket complete with baking mixes, recipe cards and any additional ingredients needed.

2. Kitchen & baking essentials

Alright, so these might not be the most glamorous gifts out there, but they sure are handy! Think cast iron skillets, a cute bundt cake pan, a Vitamix, a spiralizer perfect for making veggie noodles, or a gluten-free bread pan.

3. Gluten-free chocolate or candy

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat now and again? (Or daily!) Put together a basket with some gluten-free goodies, and it’s sure to be a hit! Amore di Mona ChocolatePascha ChocolateNo Whey Chocolate & Surf Sweets should definitely be included.

4. Gluten-free subscription box or meal kit service

Meal kits are all the rage these days, and help make dinner a breeze! Green Chef is a great option and the first meal kit to receive GF certification. Want to stick to snacks? Love With Food ships a bundle of GF goodies each month, plus they’re offering 25% off your first box.

5. Gluten-free cooking classes

Cooking and baking gluten-free food can be challenging, even for seasoned veterans. Search online to see what cooking classes are available near your gluten-free loved one. He or she will greatly thank you!

6. Gift certificate to an online health food store

Why not give the gift of shopping so your recipients can pick out exactly what they want in the comfort of their own homes? Gift cards are quick, easy and greatly appreciated. How about one to an online grocery store known to carry gluten-free foods? Thrive Market and Vitacost are both great options.

7. Gluten-free cookbooks

Everyone likes trying new recipes! Cookbooks are staple items in a gluten-free kitchen, and it’s impossible to have too many. Some books we recommend include Gluten-Free Baking Classics100 Best Gluten Free RecipesBabyCakes Covers the Classics and Incredibly Easy Gluten-Free Recipes.

8. Gluten-free bread maker

Making your own bread sounds daunting, but this Cuisinart Bread Maker has a gluten-free setting! Bring on the homemade bread, please 🙂

 9. Gluten-free skincare, beauty or wellness products

Did you know some people react to gluten even in skincare and household items? Red Apple Lipstick has a whole line of gluten-free makeup and Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has a wonderful line of natural skin care products. Another great gift option to promote body wellness is doTERRA Essential Oils.

10. Subscription to a gluten-free or health magazine

Who doesn’t love getting mail? With a magazine subscription, it’s like getting a little present each month! Opt for something special-diet focused, like Delight Gluten Free MagazinePaleo Magazine and Allergic Living, or something more general like Health Magazine.

11. Gift certificate to a gluten-free restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants these days that cater to a gluten-free diet. Use Find Me Gluten Free to search for local businesses in your area, or opt for a gift certificate to a chain like P.F. Changs, Cheesecake Factory or even Chipotle!

12. Portable gluten-free tester

Nima is a great gift for the gluten-free person in your life. Now through December 22nd, get 20% off a starter kit! No promo code needed.

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