Host a Memorable, Stress-Free Fourth of July Barbecue

Adhering to a strict gluten-free diet can be tricky, especially at social events and parties. With hot dogs and beer galore, the Fourth of July holiday is certainly no exception. However, there are SO MANY ways to make the special day free of worry and gluten! Below are some tips on how to host the best GF barbecue. Get ready to celebrate!

1. Take Some Focus off the Food

Independence Day is the perfect holiday for gluten free folks because it’s so easy to make the day special by way of decorations, water games, and fireworks– things that have nothing to do with food!

2. Keep the Menu Simple & Naturally Gluten Free

Swap a veggie tray for crackers and dip, barbecued chicken for hamburgers, corn on the cob for rolls, potato salad for pasta salad, fresh watermelon for brownies, and Red, White and Blue Berry “Trifle” Parfaits  for a patriotic cake or tart. Click here for more recipe ideas.

3. Designate a Gluten Free Grill Master

Safe grilling is crucial to ensure that your meal will be safe for celiacs. Have your grill master monitor what goes on the grill’s surface (no stray buns or non-GF sauces), avoid eating with his/her hands while on the job, and use separate non-plastic utensils. Check out more safe grilling tips here.

4. Choose Beverages Wisely

Alcohol is an often-overlooked source of gluten. Make sure your beers, ciders & mixers are GF. Some of our favorite brands include: Angry Orchard Hard CiderStoli Vodka & Tito’s Vodka. Click here for some beer options. 

5. Enjoy

Cherish your time with family and friends without worrying about cross-contamination. Be grateful for our country’s independence while embracing your own independence (from gluten)!

Happy Fourth of July!

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