Easter Eggs Au Naturel

In recent years, an increasing number of food companies have been nixing artificial dyes and ingredients. Why not do the same for your Easter eggs? It’s not only safer in case of accidental consumption– dyeing eggs naturally is a creative and fun activity to do with family and friends. Channel your inner chemist, head to the grocery store (you’ll only need to snag a few items), and get in the Easter spirit!

Would you ever guess that cabbage could produce Easter eggs with the most vibrant shades of blue? Or that onion skin yields festive orange eggs? You can also use turmeric to make gold or yellow eggs, coffee for brown eggs, and beets for pink or lavender eggs. The only additional ingredients you’ll need are water and white vinegar!

For an easy-peasy recipe, check out Martha Stewart’s all-purpose guide to dyeing Easter eggs naturally.

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