Sneaky Sources of Gluten


You’ve undoubtedly heard that there are many sneaky sources of gluten, such as soy sauce, salad dressings, and soups. Sometimes even the most informed gluten-free folks get sick from products that seem safe (speaking from experience unfortunately). Keep yourself healthy by reading through this list of some of the more obscure foods and items that have glutened undeserving celiacs.


Enchilada Sauce- while Old El Paso is safe, be wary of Las Palmas

Pickles- some brands may contain malt vinegar

Flavored potato chips- here are your safe bets

Blue cheese- educate yourself on the blue cheese controversy

Hot chocolate mix- most are safe, but cross-contamination can be a concern

Other Items

Chewing gum- check this out before you chew

Toothpaste- be careful to avoid trace amounts of wheat

Body lotion/perfume- depending on your sensitivity, watch out for these ingredients in your cosmetics

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