How to Host a Grand Gluten-Free Gathering

Holiday party season is officially upon us! The easiest way to navigate a gluten-free holiday is by taking matters into your own hands– aka playing host/hostess. At FMGF, our families love planning gatherings and concocting decadent gluten-free menus to serve to our relatives and friends throughout the holiday season. Organizing an entire party can seem daunting, so check out our tips below for orchestrating a seamless gluten free get-together!

1. Plan Ahead. Never underestimate the power of preparation! Oftentimes, carrying out a successful gluten-free dish requires going above and beyond simply finding a safe recipe. Make sure you research each of the ingredients that go into the dish and read reviews from people who have already tried the recipe. The gluten-free community is your most valuable resource.

2. Opt for Naturally Gluten Free. Guests are more likely to be wary of a “special” gluten free pastry than a naturally gluten free treat like mousse or chocolate covered strawberries. Save yourself the trouble of having to adjust flour-filled recipes by focusing on foods that are easy to do sans gluten, such as turkey, potato dishes, rice bakes, roasted vegetables, and elaborate salads.

3. Add Flare with Drinks and Dessert. No holiday meal is complete without fun drinks or an impressive dessert spread. Stock up on classic holiday drinks such as Baileys Irish Cream and Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, which are both gluten free! As for dessert– peppermint bark, baked apples, and ice cream can easily be kept gluten free.

4. Be a Strategic Host/Hostess. If a family member or friend asks to bring something, assign them a drink or dish that’s relatively foolproof. A bottle of wine, fruit tray, or steamed vegetable dish are usually safe bets when asking others to accommodate your gluten-free plans.

5. Relax & Enjoy! Planning a holiday party can be stressful (especially when gluten-free needs are involved), so don’t forget to slow down and enjoy being a host or hostess. Spending time with your guests should be the most important part of the gathering!
Happy Holidays from our gluten-free family to yours!

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