We All Scream for GF Ice Cream!

ice creamThere’s no better treat than an ice cream cone on a hot day. As a general rule, most ice creams should be naturally gluten free, excepting the obvious flavors with cookies, brownies or other gluten-filled toppings mixed in. Ice cream cones are a little trickier, but we do have options! Check out our list of gluten-free ice cream & ice cream cone brands. As always, double check the ingredients on ice cream cartons before purchasing just to be safe! What’s your favorite GF ice cream brand and flavor?

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone Brands

Let’s Do®…



The above brands not in a store near you? You can always make your own Gluten Free Waffle Cones (Nurture My Gut).

Gluten Free Ice Cream Brands

Breyer’s: List of gluten-free flavors. Lactose-free options at bottom.

Ben & Jerry’s: List of gluten-free flavors.

Coconut Bliss: Dairy-free, soy-free & gluten-free.

Dove: All flavors are gluten-free except Vanilla with Fudge Brownies. Click each product for ingredients/nutritional info.

Dreyer’s & Edy’s: From their FAQ “Typically, the gluten in our frozen dessert products comes from the added bakery products such as cookies, cake or brownies. But some DREYER’S flavors have gluten from non-bakery products. Each flavor has ingredient listings if you’re interested in finding out more.”

Häagen-Dazs®: From their FAQ “As a general rule, the gluten in our frozen dessert products is present only in added bakery products such as cookies, cake, or brownies. all products that are gluten-free are clearly marked as such on the packaging and the website.”

So Delicious Dairy Free: Carrageenan-free!

Talenti: Use gluten-free sorter at top.

Feeling adventurous? Make homemade ice cream with these Easy Gluten Free Ice Cream Recipes (Gluten Free on a Shoestring).

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ester Perez says:

    Great article and very resourceful! Thank you for sharing a link to my Gluten Free Cones Recipe. It can be very challenging for people to go and enjoy a scoop of ice cream on a cone when you go out. In Los Angeles we go to Kind Kreme in Pasadena. They have gluten free cones, but not the waffle kind so we make those at home. I think if enough people made the request, more places would carry gluten free cones. Great blog!!!


  2. vicki says:

    Hudsonville also has great gluten free ice creams! Check out the flavor a on their website!


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