These Buns are Gluten Free!


Summer is the season of barbecues, potlucks and grilling. With 4th of July right around the corner, we set out to find the best gluten-free buns on the market… and boy do we have a lot of options! What’s your go-to hot dog & hamburger bun brand? Tell us in the comments below!


Canyon Bakehouse



Smart Flour

Local Oven


Three Bakers



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  1. Lynn moses says:

    We’ve tried 5 out of the ten on the list & Kinnikinnick is by far the best yet!


  2. Keith Fevola says:

    Everyone should put pressure on Udis to offer to the public what they sell to the restaurant industry. I had a hamburger bun at a local eatery the other day that I had to ask whether or not I received a gluten free bun because it was so good. I asked the manager which brand he used and he said Udis! I have eaten Udis buns for years but this was 100 times better than the ones I get at the supermarket, so I emailed Udis and they responded saying that the hamburger and hotdog buns they make for restaurants are made differently than the one’s sold in the store. I asked them why and they have yet to respond. If you have never had their “food service” version you would never believe how good they are.

    PS My local Unos Chicago Grill offers Udis buns but they are the same ones I can get, so apparently they just stock up on a few bags from the local supermarket.


    1. Q says:

      The difference may be that the food service version are probably never meant to be frozen, where the Udi’s for us are mostly offered frozen.


  3. Ann Jones says:

    PureKnead from Roswell GA makes the best bread products we have had! Although we buy it frozen and keep is frozen, it is soft and holds up well. Tastes great. If you can find them, try them. They don’t seem to be a big company with a big territory, but I would love to see them grow.


  4. Leslie says:

    Canyon Bakehouse gluten free bread & buns are amazing. Soft and delicious, not ultra thin or muck like some. I used to just skip bread, now I enjoy it again. They don’t yet offer hot dog buns, however they offer incredible hamburger buns and focaccia bread. Enjoy!


    1. Meags says:

      They have hotdog buns (frozen) but for some reason they aren’t as good. We find them in Northern Virginia at Safe-way and their website has a supermarket locator.


  5. Bill says:

    Udi’s buns are dry and break apart, but if you put a little water on the inside and microwave for 20 seconds, they become moist and are pretty good.


  6. Nancy says:

    I have found Trader Joes’s gluten free bakery products to besome of the best. Also, They ship via Fedex from Tampa, FL.


  7. msblackbird says:

    French Meadow Bakery gluten-free hamburger buns are what you eat at Red Robin, and they are awesome. I wish I could find them at the grocery store.


  8. Jeff says:

    The gluten free chef had a hamburger bun that’s amazing ! I get then at whole foods in Vancouver BC the buns are Canadian made but by far the best bun I have ever had !!


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