Thursday, July 18, 2013

Find Me Gluten Free-A Family Affair

Find Me Gluten Free-A Family Affair

When I first got involved with Find Me Gluten Free as our COO in February 2012, I knew very little about gluten and the serious health problems it caused for people. I knew that it got people sick and I knew it was a growing market. I quickly learned all the symptoms and the warning signs to look for if you have Celiac Disease, severe gluten sensitivity and even mild gluten sensitivity. Jason, our Founder & CEO, is a software developer that is very sensitive to gluten, hence the creation of our app and website and I have learned a lot from him.

Almost a year and a half later and now practically being an expert on the gluten-free lifestyle, my involvement in the gluten-free world has become personal as gluten sensitivity is a problem for my dear mom Judy.

Here is her story.

It is great to be able to help our community of 2,000,000+ people make more informed choices when going out to eat. It is even better knowing that the hard work we put in helps my mom live healthier. It is life coming full circle as she is so supportive of what we do and tells random strangers that she sees ordering gluten-free off the menu or buying products at the grocery store about Find Me Gluten Free.

To be able to help her and make her life easier makes it so much more special.

Here is a picture of us at Christmas time.

Darin Alpert
Find Me Gluten Free

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