Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gluten-Free in Austin, TX -- Draft Pick

Draft Pick is a gluten-free friendly sports bar in Austin, TX.  The boyfriend and I went there for the first time to watch the Gold Cup Final with some friends and were pleasantly surprised to see this on the menu:
We then looked up from the menu and noticed that Redbridge is featured above their bar!! They charged $4 a bottle... pretty reasonable! On a side note I just noticed their online menu does not indicate the gluten-free items like the hard copy does... good thing I took pics! :)

The item's denoted as gluten-free on the menu were mostly salads, but there was a fish entree and for appetizers, nachos and queso!! To me nachos and queso is all you need at a sports bar!!
We ordered the nachos with chicken and asked the waitress to specify in our ticket that we want the gluten-free version. I do that at restaurants often in hopes to cut down on cross contamination on naturally gluten-free dishes (espeically when their gluten-free menu is just icons on their regular menu). To be honest when the nachos came out the chicken looked seasoned, which made me nervous... BUT the boyfriend said he felt fine afterward. There are just sometimes you have to close your eyes and trust that the person who created the menu knew what they were doing. In this case it paid off!

All in all the boyfriend was not glutened and Draft Pick turned out to be a great place to watch the game. We will definitely be going back there for more beer, nachos and sports!! 

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