Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keep Austin Gluten Free Fair

The boyfriend and I are lucky to live in such a gluten-free friendly town such as Austin. This past weekend we attended the 2nd annual Keep Austin Gluten-Free Festival. May is national celiac awareness month, so the event was to promote awareness in Austin in honor of the national goal. Local and national food vendors, doctors and pharmacies were present. One of the biggest vendors was Sprouts grocery store. They set up two tents full of free samples of gluten-free products. It was like being in gluten-free heaven. You were allowed to take a grocery bag and fill it up! Samples included  Kind, Soy Joy, Larabar, and thinkThin nutrient bars, CrispRoot (original and sea salt) Chips, Boulder Rice & Bean Snack Chips, Pamela's Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Lucy's chocolate chip cookies and Cinnamon Thins, Red Mill Mighty and Tasty GF Hot Cereal, Kettle Chips, Snikiddy fries and much more!! It was unbelievable! We were so excited to fill up our pantry and be able to try a lot of gluten-free products without spending an arm and a leg to find out you are not a fan of that particular gluten-free item. 
Sprout's Reusable Grocery Bags
Filled with Gluten-free Goodies
The fair had many other patrons besides Sprouts.  They had about 15 tables set up for other vendors. One of those being Late July, who manufactures organic snacks. They were sampling their Mild Green Mojo chips, which were delicious! The lady at the booth was kind and excited about Late Joy chips that she actually gave us a bag of their Dude Ranch chips to try! (Shown in the orange bag above.)

Ian's gluten-free products were also well represented. We were excited to find out they just recently released onion rings and frozen french bread pizza, and we were given coupons to give them a try!

We sampled a really good pie from Pi  for Pie, local Austin bakery. She can cater to all different types of events, so if you are looking for gluten-free pies for your next event I would give her a ring!

Shibber D'Lites also presented us with samples of their cheese balls and boy were they yummy! The cheese balls can be found at many area locations.

There were other booths, but the last one that really stood out to us was Wheatless Wonders. Wheatless Wonders is a local gluten-free bakery. She was sampling many baked goods, but we sampled mini chocolate cupcakes and yellow cake. Both were amazing! I would recommend these baked goods, party trays can be ordered through the website!

All in all the festival was such a success! Thank you Austin for being so gluten-free friendly! :)

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