Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gluten-Free in Austin, TX--Brick Oven Restaurant

The boyfriend and I visited The Brick Oven Restaurant for a little middle of the week date night a few evenings ago. Their gluten-free menu is very extensive, it includes pizza made with Gluten Free Kneads crust, pasta made with Tinkyada rice pasta, carrot cake (woohoo!) and Bards GF beer. The boyfriend and I both ordered the same dish, the Chicken Rigatoni in Chipotle Pesto Cream, except I got the gluten version. I tasted both versions of the dish and I honestly couldn't tell the difference. I have always been Tinkyada's number one fan, but Brick Oven really put the icing on the cake with this sauce, it was delicous!! They sereved the pasta dish with a side of gluten-free garlic bread. The boyfriend said the bread wasn't great, but it didn't matter!

For dessert we had their gluten-free carrot cake and it was so light and so good!!! The boyfriend couldn't remember the last time he had carrot cake and it tasted like the real thing. It was such a treat.

The boyfriend was not glutened, but that is really no surprise when you read more about the restuarant. The menu explains that the general manager actually is a fellow Celiac and they truly try their best to prevent cross contamination. It is always refreshing to hear that because you know you really can trust their selection of ingredients. So many people who are not on a strict gluten-free diet don't think about how much hidden gluten is out there!

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