Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Gluten-Free Cheeseburgers, French Fries and a Beer!

The boyfriend made himself such an easy meal when I was out for girls' night last night.. mini cheeseburgers, French fries and a brewski! I wanted to give some shout outs to the contributors to this easy meal. The buns are actually Jenny's gluten-free dinner rolls. They can be purchased as People's Rx in Austin, TX. They also have loaves, hoagie rolls, and actual sized hamburger buns. These are the most amazing gluten-free bread products that we have ever tasted. They are currently flying off the shelves, so if you are looking for a certain product you should call the day before to put in an order. Jenny's rolls don't label themselves as gluten-free because they are cooked in the same kitchen as gluten products, but all the ingredients are gluten-free. (UPDATE: Gluten Intolerance Group of North America recently tested Jenny's Bakehouse products and found they DO have traces of gluten in them. GIG strongly recomends you do NOT consume this product.)

The second shout out is to Ore-Ida for supplying us a multitude of gluten-free French fry products. We have a gluten-free grocery shopping book where we originally found out about Ore-Ida products.  It states that the following Ore-Ida products are gluten-free: cottage fries, country style steak fries, extra crispy (crinkle cut, fast food fries, seasoned crinkle cut), fast food fries, golden (crinkles, crinkle 8lb- Costco and Sam's Club only), pixie crinkles, potato wedges with skins, seasoned French fries (8lb Sam's Club only), shoe strings, steak fries, waffle fries, and zesties. Their hash browns are gluten-free too! It's so nice to have something easy and cheap be gluten-free!

The third and final shout out goes to Bard's gluten-free beer! Thank you for completing a simple and delicious meal!


  1. People's Pharmacy has discontinued carrying Jenny's products, however they state that there are people who are angry that they can no longer buy Jenny's products there. For several months Jenny represented her products as being gluten-free (gluten free labels). When some customers started complaining of getting sick after eating Jennys, People's removed the gluten free label. However, the ingredients on her labels were gluten free. The local chapter of GIG asked the national GIG organization to test two of her products and found them to have a high gluten content (in excess of 10,000 parts per million), far beyond what would be cross contamination issues. People's alleges that they are explaining this to customers who still want her products. This just blows my mind. Jenny has been conning the celiac/gluten-free community and they still want to give her money?? Just because you don't have symptoms when you eat Jenny's doesn't mean that you are not being harmed.

  2. Wow. I hadn't seen what Dru said before now. People's removed the GF label but they did not inform their customers. I bought Jenny's every week for 9 months (started mid-Dec 2010.) Not once did any employee even hint to me that there was a question of the gluten-freeness of Jenny's. Where is the legal action? I am not celiac so I can't bring her to court, despite the fact that my health plummeted in mid-December and stayed horrible until mid-September when I stopped eating Jenny's. The woman belongs in jail and in all honesty I don't think People's is innocent in all this. ... Sorry to use your blog like this, but I've been leaving comments on GIG and and even started a Facebook group, but I cannot find anyone who is even hinting at a class action law suit, or who can give info on how to push the State of Texas into legal action. ... And, BTW, I have receipts from People's that DO label Jenny's as "GF" but, smart merchants they, they never used the name "Jenny" at the same time they had "GF" in the description. Same product ID though.