Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gluten-Free in Breckenridge, CO -- Mi Casa Review

We were in Breckenridge during the NCAA final four, so we were looking for a sports bar with a gluten-free menu on Find Me Gluten Free! We thought that Mi Casa sounded the most appetizing, so we called ahead to guarantee they had TVs. When we arrived it was packed. They have a happy hour menu with free chips and salsa and $1 tacos. After shuffling through the crowd we found a spot at the bar. We talked to the bartender and learned that their free salsa is gluten-free, but the chips set out were made in a fryer with other gluten products. Then he said not to worry he had some gluten-free ones behind the bar! We were also surprised to learn that the happy hour tacos can be made gluten-free AND  they have gluten-free beer! We thought we hit the jackpot and it just got better! The gluten-free beer was Daura.  Be careful if you are really sensitive though; after doing some research there is some debate on how gluten-free it really is.
Daura Gluten-free Beer
Happy Hour Taco
Gluten-free Chips & Salsa
We set up shop at Mi Casa for about four hours of basketball. Around the second game we decided it was entrĂ©e time! We were excited to see a very extensive gluten-free menu. 

Mi Casa's Gluten-free Menu
My boyfriend decided on the chicken enchiladas. They looked amazing; he couldn't even wait to take a bite for me to take a picture! 

Overall we had a great experience and my boyfriend does not believe he was glutened. The staff was knowledge, helpful, and the restaurant provided us with so many options. Thank you Mi Casa!! 

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