Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gluten-Free in Austin, TX-- Matt's El Rancho

My dad was in town from Colorado this weekend, so we checked out Find Me Gluten Free to help us decide on a good place to take him to. We came across Matt's El Rancho and thought it would be perfect. The boyfriend and I had both known it was an Austin hot-spot, but neither of us had been before. Find Me Gluten Free informed us that they do not have a gluten-free menu, but are accommodating, so we thought we would give it a shot. When the waiter first approached us to take our drink orders we informed him that one of us was eating gluten-free and asked what his options were. He said he would need to go get the manager to speak with us. The manager came out soon after and was very helpful. He commented that his wife was gluten-free diet and was very knowledgeable about the ingredients in all the food. He asked what we were interested in. First things first we asked if the queso (or what they call The Bob - queso with beef and guacamole in it), salsa and chips were gluten free. We learned they all are which was so exciting. A Mexican meal isn't complete if you don't get to start with queso! The chips are fried in a separate fryer in canola oil. 

 The boyfriend then suggested that he would like to have fajitas for dinner. The manager said that was doable. He instructed the waiter on how to correctly send the order to the kitchen to make the fajitas gluten-free. I couldn't hear all he was saying, but it sounded like they omitted a sauce and spice. 

Chicken Fajitas

Assembled Fajita :)
I have to apologize that all of the pictures are of half eaten meals. We need to work on some self control! :)  The food was all very delicious. It was easy to tell why the Bob is a Matt's El Rancho staple. It was practically licked clean at our table. As for the gluten-free fajitas, they were very good. (I ordered the regular steak fajitas and they too were very yummy!) All in all the boyfriend does not believe he was glutened. The restaurant also has a great austiny atmosphere. I would also recommend it for entertaining out of town guests! 

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