Thursday, December 23, 2010


I decided about three years ago that I was going to try eating gluten-free.  I didn't realize then that at that moment I had already taken my last intentional bite of gluten-filled pizza, and washed it down with my last ever sip of Miller Lite.  I realized it a few weeks later.  I was both devastated and relieved.  I finally knew what was making me sick.  But what was I supposed to eat?  How could I ever eat out?

Luckily, there was a boom of gluten-free awareness around the corner.  Grocery stores started gathering specialty gluten-free items in their own (albeit small) section.  Some restaurants even started putting together gluten-free menus.

Going gluten-free still isn't as easy as it could be, however.  Find Me Gluten Free is a free (and always will be) service that I have created to help people easily find, rate, and review businesses that cater to a gluten-free lifestyle.  Currently the service is in the form of a website and an Android app (currently in the Android market).  I plan to create an iPhone app and apps for other platforms (Blackberry, Palm) if there's enough demand.

If everyone chips in and recommends their favorite gluten-free establishments, we can centralize a huge amount of information and hopefully help others find these businesses that we couldn't live without.  Not only that, but if we can let others know about businesses that claim to cater to gluten-free customers but do so poorly, we can motivate these businesses to get educated and improve their practices.

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