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Get Your Gluten-Free Shop On… Online!

computerGrocery shopping can be exhausting and time consuming… especially if the stores near you don’t carry all the gluten-free staple items you need. Online markets are here to save the day! You can shop for and order all your favorite gluten-free non-perishables without leaving the house. And the best part? The items are shipped directly to your house.  Take a look at the online markets we found below and some ways to save. Online shopping for the win!  Continue reading

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We All Scream for GF Ice Cream!

ice creamThere’s no better treat than an ice cream cone on a hot day. As a general rule, most ice creams should be naturally gluten free, excepting the obvious flavors with cookies, brownies or other gluten-filled toppings mixed in. Ice cream cones are a little trickier, but we do have options! Check out our list of gluten-free ice cream & ice cream cone brands. As always, double check the ingredients on ice cream cartons before purchasing just to be safe! What’s your favorite GF ice cream brand and flavor? Continue reading

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Surviving College as a Gluten-Free Student


College is an incredibly exciting time, but it’s also a period of great adjustment. Leaving home, living in a new environment, meeting new friends and balancing all of this with college classes can be challenging! Especially for students with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Navigating college on a gluten-free diet adds another layer of complexity, but don’t fear! Follow the tips below to become a savvy gluten-free college student. Continue reading


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