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Spoil Mom with GF Breakfast in Bed!

blueberrypancakeThere are few things we love more than a delicious gluten-free breakfast. Eating this delicious GF breakfast in bed, however, brings the love fest to a whole new level! Breakfast + a comfy bed might just = a perfect match. To celebrate this perfect combo, Casper and The Infatuation are hosting #BreakfastInBedFest, and we were inspired to create a tasty and bed-worthy breakfast recipe…Blueberry Lemon Pancakes! Have any plans for Mother’s Day? Surprise mom with a tray of these yummy pancakes and you’ll be sure to start her morning off right! Continue reading


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Gluten Free Easter Recipes

It’s almost Easter Sunday, and we’re here to help in the gluten-free Easter food department! With the help of some bloggers (and their delicious recipes), we’ve put together an “egg-cellent” Easter Day recipe roundup complete with gluten-free main dishes, sides and you guessed it… desserts! Do you have any Easter traditions? Tell us in the comments below :) Continue reading

Chicken tart with paprika and goat cheese

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We’re Nuts About this Almond Flour Quiche Recipe!

We love baking with almond flour. For one, it’s gluten-free (which automatically makes us like it), but it’s also easy to use and results in baked goods with amazing texture! When told us about the health benefits of almonds, we had two thoughts. One- we need to share this health info with all of you, and two- did our love for almond flour grow even more? (Yes it did). Did you know one serving of almonds gives you 35% of your daily value of vitamin E, or that almonds can help lower your cholesterol? Take a look at the infographics below or follow this link (scroll to bottom) to learn more. With your newfound love of almonds, check out our almond flour quiche recipe at the bottom of this post! What’s your favorite way to incorporate almonds in your diet? Tell us!  Continue reading


Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Irish Soda Bread


From Friday the 13th to St. Patrick’s Day, this month is all about luck! And what’s luckier than a delicious, gluten-free & dairy-free version of your favorite St. Patty’s Day treat? Because let’s be honest… this holiday just wouldn’t be the same without Irish Soda Bread! Fun fact- did you know that in Ireland they don’t put raisins in their soda bread? Apparently, they put raisins in their scones – not their soda bread. Well… our recipe uses currants or raisins. Continue reading

lucky recipes

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Lucky Recipes for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th has long been considered an unlucky day in the eyes of the superstitious. Black cats are actively avoided, umbrellas are not to be opened indoors, and many are careful not to walk underneath any ladders. Below are several recipes incorporating ingredients that are traditionally thought to be “lucky.” Whatever your superstitions may be, keep fortune on your side this Friday the 13th by whipping up ones of these delicious (and lucky) recipes!

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